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Note: Rental prices are listed below by 4 hour rate and full day rate.

$72 a day

Quick Specs:

Comes in a Case


  • “D-handle” design for perfect balance in wall applications and good handling in universal use
  • Efficient motor: Extremely powerful and robust 1850W high-performance HPD motor with lowest weight and highest power in its class, downtime for maintenance reduced by up to half thanks to longer-lasting low-wear carbon brushes
  • Cutting-edge transmission: Reliable performance with perfectly aligned parts and long lifetime through dedicated lubrication chambers to provide excellent lubrication and help prevent damage due to dust entry
  • Electronic power steering: Consistent performance thanks to the power booster that maintains high performance when the tool is used with long extension cords, electronic restart interlock for increased safety when power returns unexpectedly after a power cut or disconnection
  • Demolition work on walls
  • Correction work on floor slabs
  • Breaking out openings for doors and windows